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Impact Safety Announces On-Line Training Class for Clients

COVID-19 has created challenges for holding workplace classes and meetings. Impact Safety has created an on-line training program covering Lockout / Tagout. Follow this link (the cartoon graphic) to see a sampling of the new on-line program.


Impact Safety helps companies build and maintain safety programs that employees are proud to support and participate in. We can be especially helpful for companies near Dallas-Fort Worth. If you would like to know more about our services and what's-in-it-for your company, let's start a conversation.

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Alert: Dallas County now Requires Masks at Businesses

Dallas County commissioners voted today to mandate that businesses require customers and everyone on the premises to wear a mask. Businesses that don't comply could face up to a $500 fine per violation. Note that the requirement for workers in a production setting is only for when a person is within 6 ft of another person.


While the rate of new cases is dropping in the US, the uptick in hospitalizations for COVID 19 in Texas is increasing, causing a significant reduction in available ICU beds.


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Video Tour of COVID-19 Protective Measures at Six B Labels

If your printing or manufacturing company is operating through the corona virus crisis, you need to watch this video. Six B Labels was audited for compliance to emergency COVID-19 regulations by the City of Dallas – and they were ready. They had already made simple modifications in operations that greatly reduce risks of employees catching the virus at work.  Follow this link to see for yourself:

  • Signage
  • Masks
  • Distancing & Barriers
  • Sanitizing
  • Hand washing
  • Visitor and Shipping processes

The video provides an overview of "new norms" for production companies, and it shares insights on cultural reactions to life in the "COVID era".

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N95 Masks with Exhalation Valves don't Protect Others

I received this from an Industrial Hygienist friend, Gary Ticker. He points out that if your mask has an exhalation valve, the valve will allow much of your mists to escape into the air, potentially exposing others to COVID-19.

Note: N95 masks are recommended if you are caring for a relative who is ill or someone diagnosed with COVID-19. Most of us will be wearing cloth masks, medical masks, or un-rated dust masks through this era.

OccuSafe Newsletter: Are N-95 Facemasks the Best Choice?

N-95 air purifying facemasks are now widely used to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic. They provide better protection than surgical and homemade masks since they (more…)

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COVID-19 Requirements: Essential, Non-Essential, & Construction

Some print companies are considered critical/ essential in terms of current mandated pandemic controls in Dallas. Examples would be companies where most of the product is packaging for pharma or foods.

While there are memos from the US Postal Service declaring print essential to their business…  In Dallas this memo may not be accepted as proof a print company is essential/critical in cases where a company only prints marketing materials or retail POP. In this case, the company can open now but must follow guidelines for non-essential businesses that were just issued for Dallas County.  I’ve highlighted the key requirements currently in effect below for three types of businesses: Essential, Non-Essential, and Construction.

Note that on Monday, April 27, Governor  Abbott will be outlining state level guidelines for re-openings. (more…)

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Workplace Controls to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus

Printing companies and other essential manufacturing companies are on the front-lines of fighting this invisible enemy. This (somewhat lengthy) document contains ideas and a framework for planning workplace controls to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at work.


Basic Controls for Everyone Everywhere during this Pandemic:

  • If you have a fever, cough, or breathing issues – There is a possibility you may have COVID-19. Stay home, contact a doctor for advice. If a test for COVID-19 is appropriate, the doctor will advise you on options.
  • (more…)
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Stages of Coronavirus Illness and Contagion Rates

This is an interesting graphic that helps me better understand the typical time progression of coronavirus cases, and the periods where a person is most likely to be infecting others. Note that the contagion rate goes down a day after symptoms occur, not because the person is less contagous, but because they are likely to stay at home (often passing it on to family members only). 

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COVID-19 - Graphical Stats Info

The attached file contains visuals that summarize what's happening with Coronavirus as of 3/15/2020.COVID19 Stats2020.03.15

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March 13, 2020

Coronavirus -What's the Fuss About?

These are historic times. Our pro-active actions / or lack of appropriate actions is likely to determine whether 80,000 or 300,000 people in the US die from COVID-19.  Modeling estimates predict we could keep cases down to 100,000 with good controls and actions, or cases could exceed 800,000 if controls are not implemented or effective.

This will affect all companies in some way. For instance, school spring break extensions may cause some employees to miss work to care for children. Companies need to make plans and communicate expectations with employees on the Coronavirus topic. (more…)

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