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Don't get Zapped by OSHA for Electrical Violations

OSHA inspections are on the rise at manufacturing companies, and most audits result in citations for electrical violations.

Managers at manufacturing companies typically are not aware when their facility has numerous on-going electrical compliance violations. This leaves your company open to expensive OSHA citations. We often contract out equipment installation work (with electrical contractors) and assume they will make installations meet code – a bad assumption. We have a paper available for download on this subject below:

Electrical Safety - Dont Get Zapped from ImpactSafety 2019.07.30

Why Your Company Might Want to use a Safety Consultant

Company leaders often engage with outside safety firms to help support the safety program at their company. There are four key reasons to consider using a safety consultant:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Cost Savings
  3. Professional Quality
  4. Broad Range of Capabilities

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