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Continuous Improvement Philosophy

Continuous Improvement
Business Improvement


“Perfect” is the enemy of “good”. Guide folks to make sustainable improvement in phases using resources that can be tapped now – leave the long term “Perfect” solution for another project cycle in the future.

Help employees learn new concepts in short packets, then apply some of the concepts right away. The common approach of dipping people in all day and multi-day workshops is way over-rated – and is usually not realistic (or wise) for smaller companies.

As teams begin to grasp basic group process methods, basic statistical data summaries, & lean thinking -and begin using basic approach frameworks (such as A3 problem solving, kaizen events, or applying lean tools) – your company can benefit greatly.

When your executive team experiences cycles of improvement over time, you feel emboldened & confident in the ability your company now has to be successful in future initiatives.


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